Mounts & Pole Rings

Jackite Mounts are made of metal or plastic and can be used with the Jackite Windsock Pole. You can install your pole into a Jackite Mount for easy removal and re-install.

Emulating a bird in flight with a natural grace and beauty, your Jackite will actually flap its wings, soar to a new position, flaps its wings again, and soar across the sky. Lo and behold! Is it a real bird or is it a Jackite?

Windsock Flying: For most, the best way to enjoy your Jackite Bird is to fly from a pole like a windsock. At the top of the Jackite pole is a metal tip to attach a line. Attach the other end of line to the swivel in the beak.

Find a place free of obstacles so when the Jackite bird flies it will not get tangled. Using a Jackite Mount, stand the pole up vertical.

When there is no wind the bird kite will fall against the pole. When the wind picks up your bird kite will pick up and fly, beating its wings and banking on the air just like a real bird. Is it a Jackite or is it a real bird?

If severe winds are forecast you need to take your Jackite down and store in a dry, safe place for future use.

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