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Marguerite Stankus, Founder and President of Jackite, was a Park Ranger at False Cape State Park, an environment suited for her style as she was always outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting and sailing. She saw an osprey fly and wanted to educate people on birds especially the endangered Osprey. She made a model of an Osprey out of paper taking time to make a 3-D model from beak to tail and wing tip to tip. When taking a weeping willow branch from her backyard, she taped it to the ends of the wings, so people could see the graphics she had drawn. When she held its beak it began to beat its wings and fly and she realized she had a kite. Taking her meager earnings she began the steps to start a successful business. Jack, her long time friend, helped with the design. Hence, "Jack" and "kite" made Jackite.

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