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 Jackite Thick Tip Fiberglass Windsock Poles

  • Made of Fiberglass

  • Built with a thick 3/16 inch tip to decrease breakage

  • Line winder on side for easy storage

  • Extends out and locks in place with friction

  • Comes in Black, Green & Orange and Army, Wheat and Snow Camo


Jackite Flex Tip Fiberglass Windsock Poles

  • Thin tip for better flexing

  • Pole can flex 180 degrees

  • Use with wind blades, wind feathers and tear-drop banners

  • Require a few simple steps and its ready to fly

  • Extends out and locks in place with friction

  • Platinium is the color of the poles


Bamboo Poles

  • Inexpensive pole to fly your Jackite Bird

  •  3-section which joint together

  • Losts of flex


Line Rig

  • 7 feet of line

  • Swivel at each end

Using the Jackite pole attach a jackite Linerig to the tip of the pole and the other end to your Jackite Bird. Stand the pole vertical and now your bird will protect your garden or dock.








Fly a Jackite Bird like a Windsock Off a Pole


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