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Articles written about Jackite and Marguerite

Beach woman gives birds of peace to Olympics, She designed and made the kites that replaced live doves on opening night.

The vice president of Pungo-based Jackite Inc., a kite-manufacturing company, is a sponsor of the city’s first Atlantic Coast Kite Festival.

Mike Bonoff of the Seattle Water Department attempts to identify several birds swimming in the The Great Lake Reservoir, while an eagle kite flutters above the water. The kite, with a 5-foot wingspan, has proven effective in keeping sea gulls away.

The Seattle Water Department has tried everything over the years to keep sea gulls and Canada Geese away from Seattleʼs water supply, including fireworks ....

Bird Wars Part II Try the bald eagle

kite, Bird Gard or live hummingbirds, readers say.

Zoning enforcement officers had fined garden shop owner Charlie Smith $50 for flying the bird kite, judged a violation of the cityʼs sign law. Smith appealed the citation to the Zoning Board, which overruled the enforcement action Monday in an administrative review.

Robert Byrd, USDA wildlife specialist, has been using eagle kites to scare off blackbirds, primarily in rice fields.

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