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The Jackite Cardinal, Blue Jay, Blackbird and Create-A-Bird were designed by Christopher Stankus, son of Marguerite Stankus. Marguerite is credited with the graphics of each bird.

When Jackite first started there was not much capitol for new products. So, Christopher had an idea to raise the money for the "Little Birds". He sent a letter to all Jackite's customers and asked them to place an order and pay for it in advance. Thank you for those early customers that helped make these birds happen!

The Jackite "Little Bird" has a 28 inch wingspan and comes in a 12x15 plastic zip lock bag. It has a flexing fiberglass rod that is installed across the wings which is how the bird flaps it wings.

All Jackite Birds are made of DuPont Tyvek. Click here to learn about Tyvek.

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