Windsock Flying Poles

Jackite Thick Tip Windsock Fiberglass Poles

  • Made of Fiberglass
  • Built with a thick 3/16 inch tip to decrease breakage
  • Line winder on side for easy storage
  • Extends out and locks in place with friction
  • Availalbe in differtent colors

Jackite Flex Tip Windsock Fiberglass Poles

  • Thin tip for better flexing
  • Pole can flex 180 degrees
  • Use with wind blades, wind feathers and tear-drop banners
  • Extends out and locks in place with friction
  • Platinum is the color of the poles

Bamboo Poles

  • Inexpensive pole to fly your Jackite Bird
  • 3-section that joint together

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