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Jackite Bird Kites/Windsocks were originally designed by Marguerite Stankus. Her first design and best seller is the Osprey. She meticulously labored to make a kite that flies like a bird, emulating a bird in flight.

Your Osprey can be flown as a natural windsock. Click here to find out more.

The Jackite Osprey has a 48 inch wingspan and comes in a 3-inch mailing tube both assembled and unassembled. It has a flexing fiberglass rod that is installed across the wings which is how the birds flaps it wings.

All Jackite Birds are made of DuPont Tyvek. Click here to learn about Tyvek.

These kites are unreal or should I say REAL. My friend has been

using the osprey as a deterrent for seagulls to stay off his boat...
and it really works... that's why I want one, because now they are
all coming to my boat.
Your company should advertise that the birds of prey are excellent
deterrents for seagulls, etc. Do you know what boaters go through
to keep gulls off their boats? They spend a lot of time and money.
Your kite works! -Ed V.

On 6-11-04 I ordered 2 of your Osprey Kites and a 31 ft Fiberglass
pole. It works, the Osprey does fly like a real hawk.
We have 6 acres of Highbush Blueberries divided into 3 fields and I
needed something for bird control. The Osprey has only been up for
two weeks. I only fly it every other day, and I move it around so the real
birds don't become accustomed to it in the one place. For now, when
the Osprey is up and on duty, the Sparrows and Black Birds dine
The Osprey works better than Owls and Ballons and doesn't break and
string all over the field like what over the row tape will. So far it is the
best bird deterant other than a bus load of kids. The Jackite Osprey flies

sometimes when the flags wll not wave in the wind. -- Sam Blackstone Circle B Farms

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