27 foot Jackite Flex Tip Windsock Fiberglass Poles

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The Jackite Flex Tip Windsock Fiberglass Poles were designed with quality and price in mind.

Jackite changed the standard for fiberglass poles in two ways: 1) reinforced the butt section so it would not split and 2) increased the wall thickness for less breakage.

Thin tip for better flexing

Pole can flex 180 degress

Use with wind blades, wind feathers and tear-drop banners
Requires a few simple steps and it's ready to use
Extends out and locks in place with friction
Platinium is the color of the poles

Click to go to the Flying Your Jackite Like a Windsock

The difference of the Platinum Fiberglass Windsock Pole is that the top section is thin and allows the pole more flexibility.

The Jackite Fiberglass poles are telescoping like an antenna. You extend the fiberglass sections out and twist the sections together to the desired length. For a shorter length pole, do not extend all the pole’s sections. All thin tip fiberglass poles collapse to 48 inches.

Jackite guarantees all its products for 90 days. But with the Jackite Fiberglass poles if you break a section of this pole you can replace the broken section for a small fee plus freight online, at the parts for poles page.

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