Jackite Bird Kites/Windsocks

All Jackite Bird Kites/Windsocks have these features:

  • Made of Tyvek Click here for Tyvek Page
  • Flaps its wings and soars on the air like a real bird
  • Wings flap because of ultra-flexing fiberglass rod
  • Printed with fade-resistant inks
  • Can be flown as a kite
  • Can be flown as a windsock off a long flexible pole
  • Line and glue sold separately in accessories
  • Comes in a tough mailing tube with color label
  • Instructions included for assembly, flying your bird and safety hints

Unassembled Bird Kites

  • Comes die-cut on a flat sheet
  • Punch out pieces and glue together
  • Takes about an Hour
  • Comes with detailed instructions

Assembled Bird Kites

  • Partially assembled in the tube
  • Requires a few simple steps and it's ready to fly

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Unassembled or Assembled Jackite Birds

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